Jalgaon District Maratha Vidya Prasarak Samaj's
Shri. S. S. Patil Arts, Shri. Bhausaheb T. T. Salunkhe Commerce and
Shri. G. R. Pandit Science College, Jalgaon. (M. S.)
(Nutan Maratha College)
Affiliated to Kavayitri Bahinabai Chaudhari North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon.

About Institute
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With the objective of reaching out to our less fortunate brothers and sisters, to uplift the needy and poor downtrodden, to open for them avenues for higher education. Jalgaon District Maratha Vidya Prasarak Samaj was registered in 1917 with the motto ‘Bahujan Hitai Bahujan Sukhay’ i.e. In the interest of the masses, for the welfare of the masses, while the college was established in 1972. To achieve the goal of our institution the college is striving with the following objectives.

  • To facilitate access to higher education for poor boys and girls from nearby villages in the vicinity of Jalgaon.
  • To impart them quality based higher education.
  • To boost their courage and confidence and develop them into sensitive youth with social commitment.
  • To promote in them social awareness towards the delicate problems related to the society residing in the nearby areas.
  • To broaden their vision towards the casteless, creedless society.
  • To create human resources with modern view and foresight this can be used for the well-being and development of the nation.
  • To create self-employment opportunity.
  • To communicate the vision, mission and objectives of the institution to the students, teachers, staff and the stakeholders and give thrust for execution of the same.
  • To upgrade the teaching learning process as per new innovations in technology.
  • To make ICT as thrust are for teaching learning and general administration.
  • To bring automation in Library and office and to make a paperless office.
  • To introduce the skill-based certificate courses for enhancing employability and entrepreneurship in students.
  • To provide facility to do PG in almost all subjects available in college.
  • To get research recognition to science laboratories running PG departments.


Jalgaon District Maratha Vidya Prasarak Samaj Ltd. Jalgaon (JDMVP) was established in 1917 with the motto, ‘Bahujan Hitay, Bahujan Sukhay’ i.e. ‘In the interest of the masses, for the welfare of the masses.’ The college strives with the objectives of reaching out to the less privileged, to uplift the needy and poor downtrodden to open for them the avenues of higher education. The objectives encompass the goals to facilitate access to higher education for poor students from nearby villages in the vicinity of Jalgaon city for boosting their courage and confidence and develop them into sensitive youths with social and moral commitment. The institution also has objective to broaden their vision towards casteless, creedless society and promote in them the social awareness and to equip them with the knowledge and skills for self-employment opportunities. When the institution was registered in 1917, the institution started its work with just seven students admitted for education. With the sincere efforts of the visionaries, the institution flourished with lips and bound from a single school of seven students to a multi institute group delivering quality higher education at all levels. Today J.D.M.V.P. owns and manages 3 senior degree colleges, 30 Secondary schools, 14 Jr. Colleges, 10 M.C.V.C. centers, two Y.C.M.O.U. centers and a girl’s high school a D.Ed. College and a primary school.


Jalgaon District Maratha Vidya Prasarak Samaj Ltd. Jalgaon has established its first college of Arts, Commerce and Science College at Jalgaon in the year 1972. In due course of time with guidance of visionaries of Society and with efforts of well qualified teachers the college has grown with addition of new divisions and new courses and has expanded in its scope and gained a reputation in entire Jalgaon district and being identified as Nutan Maratha College. In due course of time there were some visionaries who gave massive financial support for building its infrastructural resources in the form of donation, therefore their names are given to various faculties.

The registered name of this college has become as Shri S. S. Patil Arts, Shri Bhausaheb T.T. Salunkhe Commerce and Shri G.R. Pandit Science College, Jalgaon This college is affiliated to KBC North Maharashtra University and college caters the education from 11th Std to M. A., M. Com, M.Sc. students. The college runs graduate course in Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Microbiology, Zoology, Mathematics, Computer Science, Electronic etc. Graduation and Post-Graduation in Languages English, Hindi, Marathi, Urdu and in all social sciences are available along with separate commerce faculty. The college has well qualified teaching staff to cater all of its courses and most of the teachers are also guiding M. Phil. and Ph. D. Students. `The college is situated in the heart of the city with 08 acres of land & has built up area of 8584 square meters. The college has thirty-five class rooms, Science, computer science, Psychology, English language laboratories, Geography, Commerce Social Sciences departments, Gymkhana, partially automated central library, NSS, NCC, NAAC, IQAC offices, Principal, vice principal, administrative offices, gents and ladies staff rooms and ladies’ room for girls. In addition to these the audio-visual aids, OHP, LCDs, power generator, invertors, safe and purified drinking water, vehicle parking for students and the teachers as well, playground, facilities for indoor and outdoor games etc.